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Here's what people say about their flower portraits:


xx "WOW

My painting sits under a skylight in the hall.  I see it many times a day and it has become a part of me. I look at in wonder and marvel of all the colors and strokes. On bad days it gives me clue to keep going and good days I just celebrate me. It reminds me of whom I am and helps me keep true to my beautiful soul. Wars, financial crisis, divorce, cancer, menopause, and  empty nesting  cannot damage me. My painting screams of my vast potential and reminds me to step up.  And I do. - Margaret


xx "The colors, especially the yellow and slight green stem leading to the red and purple flower, stand out immediately to me and a thought to Britt and I.  The waves of color opening upwards to the blue sky give me a sense of our present joy of our wedding weekend and the blues of the sky to me are a look to the future and what a beautiful life we hope to have together" - Britt and Steve


xx "It feels loose and free like the flowers were volunteers in a meadow.  Nothing cultivated or manicured!  It has a sense of "Spontaneous".  I tend to act on emotion and the immediate feeling around me." - Sharon


xx "Robert did such a wonderful picture of my friend Jan and myself.  The picture was bright and uplifting and it was such a positive experience!  And it was fun!" - Christy


xx "The article in the Seattle Times about Robert Blehert's "Flowers of You" captured my interest. Three days later I can't take my eyes off it. I just love it. It is my prized piece of artwork. My friends agree and unanimously said "It is You". I think that honoring yourself with one of Robert's creations is something very special to do for yourself. I strongly recommend it. - Paula


xx "Great painting & Robert did capture my personality without knowing me.  The blue is my favorite/birth month of September and the yellow's what I wake up to each morning as I like a sunny "happy day" ahead of me. The flowers remind me of my many trips as I'm sort of a gypsy at heart and love to travel etc. - so they have this flowing "Free on the Breezes" feeling to me. As I said Robert did truly capture my spirit and it is amazing.  Thanks & good luck in the future." - Pat


xx "I was very nervous when I came to pick up my picture and was surprised when I saw it - not at all what I expected from seeing Robert's other pictures.  Within minutes it grew on me and has a depth that I can grow with and discover and enjoy.  There is more to it each time I look at it and it makes me feel alive!" - Monica, Jr. High School Teacher


xx Hi Robert

We are certainly enjoying the beautiful painting you created for me for my birthday. It just proves once again that I'm married to the most wonderful man in the whole world. He really surprised me, and you really caught the essence of not only me, but also of Eric and me together. He didn't tell you this in advance, but his favorite color is orange.

Thank you again. You created a perfect, unique masterpiece for us that we will treasure for many years to come.

Best Regards

More successes:

"The artist captured us perfectly!"  - Stacey


"Each of our unique personalities was nailed to a 'T' " - Helen


"It really captures my daughter, her goodness and warmth.  I am so happy.  We keep finding new things in the painting."


"I was amazed when I saw the final piece because it was exactly what I was looking for.  The thick paint on the canvas, the impressionistic style of lines, and the beautiful color combinations.  It is an original and it is mine.  Robert also finished my piece in such an amazing time frame.  I was impressed that I didn't need to wait weeks upon end to get the painting.  Finally, I was also surprised to find out how affordable his work is." - K.B.


"The painting was fantastic! We were amazed how you captured the essence of us and merged it into the flowers--yet kept the influence of our mother separate but also as an active part of the painting.  Thank you." - Jeannie


"Surprised, completely had no idea this creation was going to take place. I enjoy many art forms and media.  A beautiful experience for my Father's Day from my daughter and son-in-law. The colors are vibrant and glowing of my inner spirit and I will enjoy and admire this personal art creation for many years to come and will share it with all who enter my home." - David


All smiles at the Tarpon Springs, Florida gallery show:




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